About Meseta

ASW Vending Services Ltd launched the  Italian brand “Meseta” from Bologna into the UK market and are the sole distributors of all its products.

In the range we have quite a vast amount of unique products and services from commercial machines to the domestic end user, beans, capsules, ground coffee, cups and accessories, all of which are available with complete packages, back up, support and after sales service. 

Apart from our online store and field team we have a number of companies springing up carrying our products, including our very own brand of stylish coffee bars where all of these products are available. 

What sets Meseta coffee apart is, first and foremost, its high unfailing quality, obtained through the careful selection of raw materials, and a sophisticated production process electronically controlled in every phase. However, it’s our passion for coffee which explains the unique properties of Meseta blends: exceptional “stability”, that is unfailing quality even if prepared by less expert hands. This virtue is the result of years of ongoing perfection of the formulations and stringent quality control procedures, aimed at achieving the perfect blend.



Commercial Machines

Within the range we have a number of different products and options with business plans to meet almost everyone’s needs and requirements from single head machines without the need of any plumbing to duel fuel running on LPG gas. All of which can accept beans or capsules or a combination of both and are accompanied with our complete support, installation and after sales service.


Grinders and knock out boxes

To accompany the machines we have a selection of options on both grinder and knock out boxes to match the pocket or space provided.


Domestic Capsule Machines

ASW Vending Services Ltd have introduced unique and distinctively designed capsule machine that works well in the home or a small and medium sized business, using the best materials and Italian technology. An exclusive patented sealed system developed with Italian technology produces a coffee of full flavour and a rich crema.

These machines offer the user the enjoyment of fresh Italian coffee without mess or fuss at the touch of a button using our capsule system, offering three different fully automatic pre set dispense levels, adjustable to suit your requirements and taste. The choice and flavours are yours.

These machines operate with a 19 bar pump to extract the best flavours from the capsules, with a unique energy saving feature as well as a removable drip tray and capsule holder. No mess and no fuss, in a range of fashionable colour schemes.

With fresh Italian quality coffee, at a fraction of your favourite high street coffee outlet, all at the touch of a button, these machines are a must have.


Meseta Coffee UK presents its Meseta Capsule System, the biodegradable coffee capsule producing excellent fresh coffee for you to taste conveniently at home or in the work place, as well as providing you with the best available mixtures and technologies, all of which is contained in every single biodegradable capsule.

The taste and aroma of the coffee blends made in Italy contained in a few words “Meseta Capsule System” are guaranteed by a series of specific quality controls conducted throughout each and every phase of the production process to give you the pleasure of tasting a fresh coffee conveniently and be sure to always get the same result: making a fantastic coffee.

The Meseta Capsules System is unique and convenient because it can be purchased exclusively online from the e-commerce website www.mesetacoffeeuk.com.

Hence, there are lots of reasons why you should choose Meseta Capsules System.


Our extraordinarily balanced blends are made from carefully selected coffee beans. Arabica beans from Brazil give a sweet and rich taste, whilst those from Central America and Ethiopia enriched with particularly flowery, aromatic notes. Finally with small quantities of specially selected Robusta beans complete the fullness of the blend lending body.

Meseta coffee quality is guaranteed by specific quality checks made in each and every process. Checks begin at the moment of harvesting, in the respective countries of origin, where the company’s experts carefully select the best green coffees and verify their conformity with predefined standards. Once the coffee arrives in Italy, it undergoes additional chemical/physical checks and specific taste tests at the company’s internal laboratory.

Every coffee bean is roasted following specific roasting curves through sophisticated electronic equipment, so as to bring out its own unique characteristics. After it has been expertly blended, the coffee is packed and left to mature, in our warehouse. Before it reaches the market it under goes further approval by an expert panel of tasting connoisseurs. These steps provide the most reliable quality guarantee for obtaining an extraordinary cup of Italian coffee.

More than six thousands tons of green coffee beans are roasted under these strict controls every year. Through this “care for quality”, Meseta are proud to guarantee such high standards.


Combine all this with our latest and modern, state of the art milk frothers and you can enjoy becoming a “Barista” by making a delicious cappuccino or latte……or even a refreshing milk shake.
Meseta milk frothers are the ultimate addition to our capsule machines without steam wand, that enable you to become a Barista in your own home. They enable you to make the creamiest of cappuccinos, a smooth latte or any of a number of designer coffees………..and great for shakes too.

The double walled insulation, an easy clean non-stick interior, and are stylishly designed in two different sizes in a variety of fashionable colours.

These near silent operating frothers are unbelievable in quality and value.